Nelly talks, Shady listens?

The lyrics to that stupendous musical styling by the one and only Nelly are supposed to be “Nelly talk, city listens” but it’s like potato-tomato [po-tay-toe/po-tah-toe, to-may-toe/ who gives a fuck] to me. My boyfriend [Bmillz, Bry-dawg, Papa B] is constantly laughing about how I know the phrases but somehow always use them incorrectly. That’s my life. So close to cool, yet so sadly far away. Like being the dancing queen, but there is no music actually playing so you’re just dancing to the music in your head. I’m 877% into that. You do whatever makes you happy boo, but it doesn’t mean that society [DAMN THE MAN] is going to go along with it.

That’s why I’m here. To express my thoughts and opinions so random people on the internet can judge me [why are they called internet trolls?]. Or so people on the internet can laugh at my eccentric glitterball thoughts. Or so I can ignite someones hate fire with my anti-patriarchal [I DONT NEED NO MAN] views. Or so a person I’ve never met can cry with me when I get all dark and twisty [#greysanatomy, now I want tequila]. Idk if any of this will happen. It’s {d1b1} [day 1, blog 1…. keep up, duh] the possibilities are endless.

So strangers of the web, I declare [like Nelly] “Lo talks, internet listens”

-peace out-